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Confirming Important Information on the Phone

When you are talking on the phone, what can you do if the listener cannot
understand an important word that you are saying, even after you repeat it
slowly? For example, your name, address, website, or city?

You might spell the word, but the listener may not hear the letters correctly.
If I spell my name, “R-O-B-I-N”, the listener can easily confuse the letters.

To make sure important words are understood over the phone, we can use
a ????????? ????????, or a ????-???????? ????????. These are a list of words
that represent letters of the alphabet. If I use a ????????? ???????? to clarify
my name, ROBIN, I could say “That’s ‘R’ as in ?omeo, ‘O’ as in ?scar, ‘B’ as in
?ravo, “I” as in ?ndia, and ‘N’ as in ?ovember.”

The most well-known ????????? ???????? is the NATO alphabet. This
alphabet is commonly used by airports, military, and sea travel. Many other
professionals who exchange important information over the phone also use

See the article below and learn the NATO alphabet! It can come in very
handy for anyone, whether English is our first or second language.

How would you ‘spell’ your name using the NATO alphabet?

If English is your second language and you are interested in enhancing
aspects of your English communication, ??????????? ?????? at
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