Accent Modification: Free Consultation

If you are interested in accent modification training, a free consultation session is strongly recommended. An initial, free information session will help you decide if accent modification training can help you achieve your personal communication goals.

An initial consultation session typically begins with an in-person accent screening, if an online accent screening was not already completed on this website. An accent screening is a brief check of some of the major features of your accent. The results of the screening will provide me with a quick impression of your accent and help us decide what type of training program would best suit you.

We will also discuss details of what you can expect from intense accent modification training, rates and payment options, technology requirements, and materials used.

Perhaps most importantly, an initial consultation session is an opportunity for you to express your unique needs, goals, and circumstances. Then together, we can decide if intense accent modification training can be beneficial to you.

If you are interested in taking accent modification training, please contact Robin at or 780.233.6125 for further information or to schedule a free consultation session.