Resources and Website Links

CORSPAN (Corporate Speech Pathology Network):

This is an organization of corporate speech-language pathologists. The website provides helpful information about Corporate Speech-Language Pathologists, the services they offer, and the benefits of their services.

Toastmasters International:

A safe, supportive, and friendly environment where you can develop both public speaking and leadership skills. Joining the Toastmasters either during or after taking accent modification training can have immense benefits. This is an organization with thousands of clubs around the world. Using their website, many people have found clubs very close to their homes or workplaces.

Recommended websites that can supplement an accent modification program:

English Accent Coach:

An excellent website for vowel and consonant recognition. Ron Thomson’s focus on distinguishing among vowels and consonants can be beneficial for both listening and speaking.

Online English Dictionaries:

Online English Dictionaries:

If you’d like to check the pronunciation of an individual word, try listening to the word in an online dictionary. Here are my favorites:

Cambridge Dictionary:

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries:


A very useful site where you can type in English words, phrases, or sentences and hear someone say it. Sometimes, an exact match can be found for very common sentences.


A pronunciation dictionary of various languages: This is a website where you can access and listen to the pronunciation of words and some phrases many different languages.