English Pronunciation and Accent Training

Intensive Accent Modification Training for Effective Communication

Many professionals whose second language is English are interested in English pronunciation or accent training as they experience difficulties being understood in professional or social contexts. This is also true for some professionals whose first language is a variation of General Canadian English.

Many of these professionals who experience such difficulties often report one or more of the following:

  • They are frequently asked to repeat themselves
  • They see  ‘confused looks’ on the face of listeners
  • They are not always sure if others understand them
  • Other listeners may pretend to understand them, but in fact, do not
  • They are hesitant to fully express themselves in more informal social contexts
  • They cannot advance in their careers, as their speech is sometimes not easily understood

Accent modification, also referred to as accent reduction, can significantly improve Canadian English pronunciation skills for better understandability, effective communication, and greater confidence.

Although the term accent reduction is commonly used, accent modification is a more accurate term as the goal of training is effective communication in Canadian workplace and social settings, and not the elimination or ‘reduction’ of an accent.

Progressive Speech is a company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that provides intensive in-person accent modification training to clients in Edmonton.

Through video conferencing, Progressive Speech provides training to clients outside Edmonton, including other countries.

The training involves 7 to 25 highly customized Canadian accent training sessions that range from 60 to 90 minutes, each.

accent training

Every training session targets unique features of a client’s accent and other characteristics that can sometimes interfere with understandability, when speaking English in Canadian workplace or social settings. The client’s distinct speech characteristics are determined by an in-depth, personalized assessment and analysis of a client’s accent.

The training program is specially designed with the client’s unique needs and circumstances in mind. The skilled coaching of each session, along with regular home and real-life practice, provide the required support that clients need to achieve their personal goals for successful, effective, and confident communication.

All accent modification programs are intensive and are offered in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Clients can choose from short, introductory accent training programs to longer, more comprehensive programs.

If you are interested in taking accent modification (accent reduction) training, please contact Progressive Speech at info@speech3.com or 780.233.6125 to schedule a free phone or in-person consultation. A free consultation session is strongly recommended because it will allow you to make an informed and honest decision about whether intense Canadian accent training can help you achieve your personal communication goals.

Robin Changarathil, director of Progressive Speech, has a deep interest in helping others achieve their personal communication goals. 

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